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The DBA Career Centre has been created because we are seeing an increase in the questions and comments submitted to us about how to begin or progress you DBA career. We have a great article written by our very own JHD providing some advice for someone considering becoming a DBA which I would recommend you read if you are seriously considering a career as database professional.

For those aspiring to be a manager or currently manage a team of database staff JHD has again provided an excellent article on getting the best out of your team . JHD manages a 10 strong team of DBAs for a government organisation based in the UK and he is in a great position to dispense such advice.

Over the coming weeks a few more articles with a career focus for senior DBA processionals will be added. One of the recent topics of discussion in the forums recently was that of a university or college education, and if you need one to be DBA.

This article discusses Do you need a degree to be a DBA and shares some of my thoughts on this subject.

We are looking at the possibility of offering a CV review service. If you are a DBA looking for your next position why not get your CV reviewed by a Senior DBA/DBA manager who has recruited for many DBA positions. This is just an idea at the moment and we are trying to determine what demand if any exists for such a service, so if you are interested please let me know by using the contact form and we can discuss further.

If you would be interested in using this service please contact us

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