Database and DBA Services is able to offer a full range of SQL Server DBA services that are professionally priced and tailored specifically to your company�s needs.

Our consultants services include but are not limited to:

Database Server Review allow us to review your server and make sugestions for improvements (Only if needed!) you may even get the review for free...

SQL Server Installation � we will install SQL server for you!

SQL Server monitoring and reporting � ongoing monitoring of your sql server will prevent unexpected downtime of the application and enable problems to be rectified before they affect the end user.

Performance Tuning � ensure your database performs to its best serving data to your users.

SQL Server Backup Strategy � this will enable you to recover your database in the event of failure.

Access to SQL Server Conversion � We can assist in converting your Access databases to the SQL Server platform.

SQL Server Recovery � we can assist you in restoring and recovering your database

Database Support � any queries, questions or urgent problems you may be experiencing with your SQL Server database we can help

SQL Server Training/Tutoring � we can provide training and guidance to your staff

Our database services are competitively priced and we will tailor a package to meet your specific needs. Click on the links below to view details of the services offered and �rough� price guide.

Please contact us to discuss these DBA services further

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