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This section of the site contains some great free features available to all DBA�s to make their life a little easier. We are always on the look out for useful free tools so if you have a recommendation please send them through, we�ll be happy to publish them here.

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Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a free and open source (license) utility for network exploration or security auditing

FullSun SQL Server Toolkit

Personally I have never tried this toolkit but according to reports it has a nice tool kit with many helpful features. It�s currently only available for SQL Server 2000 but I understand that SQL Server 2005 version is currently being developed. Some of the tools features are listed here:

  • List all SQL ids with very easy passwords so they can be fixed.
  • Review all the errors or failed logins in the SQL Error Log files.
  • Monitor database growth through their backup file sizes along with viewing the current table sizes.
  • Check nine predefined performance counters.
  • Read a database log file!

This tool is CharityWare software. Every time the tool is started, a panel pops up in the background with instructions on using the tool and a request for a charitable donation.

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