The Benefits of Offsite SQL Server Backups

This article looks at the business benefits of offsite SQL server database backups it also touches on how the process works regardless of vendor and what involved from a business perspective.

The most valuable assets of any business organisation regardless of it size is it data!Users can make mistakes, hardware can fail, natural disasters occur, - can all too easily put this data and therefore the business at risk. Please read article on the need for SQL Server Backups

Storing SQL Server backups offsite using an online provider is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional tape backup solution.

Tape backup solutions can offer a possible solution but they also come with many draw backs, they need upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them. All these come at a cost. Tape backups can be a hassle - especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered without delay.

Keeping backups offsite with a trusted third party is a modern yet proven solution to important disaster recovery process.

Offsite SQL Server Backups � The Benefits

Offsite backup is Cost Effective, Efficient and more reliable process than tape backup.

Cost Effective

No capital outlay, you usually just pay a fixed monthly fee There are no setup feesNo operating costs -No tape storage costs


Installation is complete within minutes - even for non computer staff. You just need to download you provider�s client.No waiting to find the right tape or waiting for someone to find the time to recover lost data


- Automated daily backup provides comprehensive protection and zero hassle.
- Take as many backups as you need, ensuring fine-grain protection
- Less down-time and reduced lost productivity - as files can be recovered instantly.
- Web browser access to backed up files
- Secure technology.

The Offsite Backup Process

A small software agent is installed on the computer. This software helps select the data to be backed up, manages the connection to the internet and the encryption / compression of the data - prior to transferring it to the data centres.

Backups can be scheduled or started manually. Backups can be performed at any time with a single click or be set for hassle-free daily backup.

Security is provided through secure-sockets connections to the data centres, 128-bit encryption and account passwords.

Effective and fast data transfer - data Compression ensures regular backups are very efficient and non-intrusive.

Central area for managing backups - Data can be accessed via the software agent at any time

Who uses offsite backup?

Offsite Backup is used by hundred of thousands of organisations through out the world including law firms, accounting firms, consulting organisations, financial intermediaries, manufacturers, education and research establishments, retail outlets, distributors, not-for-profit and service organisations. Organisations of all sizes with an internet connection can benefit.

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