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This section articles and tutorials specific to SQL Server it is constantly updated and new content is added regularly so please visit us again to check for updates.

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The articles are organised by headings and topics, if you can't find what you are looking for then use the search

SQL Server - Administration

The need for SQL Server Backups - SQL Server Backups

Taking Full Backups in SQL server 2008 - SQL Server Backups

The benefit of offsite Backups - Offsite Backups

SQL Server Recovery Models - Recovery Models

SQL Server Database Recovery - Database Restores

Overview of High Availability (clustering) - Clustering

Overview of High Availability (Database Mirroring) - Database Mirroring

How to Install SQL Server - SQL Server Install

SQL Server Memory Management - Memory management

A tutorial on Enabling AWE on SQL Server

Storage Systems for SQL Server - Storage

Technique to Migrate Large Databases between - Manual Log ship Process

A possible method for performing table level restores

Error when restoring MSDB from a different server... MSDB Error

SQL Agent Proxies - Article looking at how to create SQL Agent Proxies in SQL Server 2005

This article talks you throughing Granting Execute to all Objects in a Database

Check out the DBA daily checklist for a list of useful checks the DBA should be performing on a daily basis.

ShrinkfileFailed - File ID x of database ID xx cannot be shrunk as it is either being shrunk by another process or is empty.

SQL Server - Business Intelligence

SQL Server BI Tool overview - BI Tools overview

Reporting Services and Introduction - Reporting Service

SQL Server - Performance Tuning

Third party tools that can help in monitoring your SQL Server - SQL Server Monitoring Tools

SQL Server Performance Tuning Performance Tuning

SQL Performance for Developers SQL performance Article

SQL Server - General Articles

A-Z of SQL Server - SQL Server A-Z

Want to become a DBA? Become a DBA

SQL Server Capacity Planning - Capacity Planning

SQL Server 2005 Edition - which on suits your needs? SQL Server editions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - FAQs

A Comparison of SQL Server and Oracle - SQL Server or Oracle

What's New in SQL server 2005 - SQL Server 2005

An overview of SQL Server 2008 - SQL server 2008

Suspect Databases - Suspect Databases

Management Get the most out of your DBA

Debate - should the DBA have local administration rights on the sql server? Have a read and see if you agree!

Are you a Junior or Senior DBA - Have a look here

This is a question that has been hotly debated since I started my career, do you need a degree, in computer science or any other discipline for that matter, to get a job as a DBA?

A nice tip on creating a SQL Server connection string

MS Access

Converting Access databases to SQL Server - Access to SQL Server

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